Carnegie Center Fiber Exhibit Closeup

As I mentioned in the last post about the Indigo Dyeing class at Carnegie Center for Art & History, we also visited the Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Artists Group Exhibition at the center.

I took some pictures to show you and maybe inspire you today as they did me. Instead of pictures of the whole works, I wanted to show you closeups of some of the pieces. Look at all of these lovely words.

Kathleen Loomis "War Zone 7"
Kathleen Loomis “War Zone 7”
Felice Sachs "New York, New York"
Felice Sachs “New York, New York”

I loved the colors and the Asian influence.

Sallie Manassah "Looking for Love"
Sallie Manassah “Looking for Love”

If you like zentangles, you would love this work. Those tiny white circles are yo-yos. Amazing.

Beth Schnellenberger "Zen"
Beth Schnellenberger

This one shows all of these small design pieces (looked like paper on front and fabric on back) and all hanging together by threads. We decided that she must have used water soluble stabilizer.

Kathleen Loomis "Postage 7:Tower of Babble"
Kathleen Loomis “Postage 7:Tower of Babble”

Beautiful beaded zipper!

Judy Goodwin "A Zipper Runs Through It"
Judy Goodwin “A Zipper Runs Through It”
Susan Mercke "The Letter"
Susan Mercke “The Letter”

Look at all of this hand stitching and beading. I love this, but I’d never have the patience to do it.

Leigh Payne "A Touch of the Sea"
Leigh Payne “A Touch of the Sea”

I love the colors and all of the text.

Joanne Weis "The Water Brings Joy to God's City"
Joanne Weis “The Water Brings Joy to God’s City”

These are just a few of the pieces in the exhibit – my favorites that spoke to me. If you live in the Louisville, Kentucky area, this exhibit will be up through October 5. It’s well worth the drive. I hope this exhibit has given you a bit of inspiration today. Thanks for dropping by.