Jacquard Color Magnet – my new love

Today I am the October guest blogger on Lynn Krawczyk’s Smudged Textiles Studio about this great product, Jacquard Color Magnet. Come on over to Lynn’s website and let me tell you about some of my experiments with this new love of mine.

My Guest post

In a nutshell, less dye is best if you want a strong contrast.¬† At first I found that I really wanted the substrate or the base of the fabric to be light and the design made with Color Magnet darker. My post on Lynn’s website goes into detail about how much dye to use.

However, as I’ve worked with this product I also like using more dye to get just a faint image in the background.

Low contrast color magnet fabrics
Low contrast color magnet fabrics

I love the flexibility of this product. The following are darker backgrounds with even darker designs. Pretty neat!

More with low contrast

I’ll be back soon to talk more about this fun product. If you have a chance, pop on over to Lynn’s website for my post and also to see what she’s creating.