Printed Fabric Bee: Orange Circles and Giveaway

The first challenge of the Printed Fabric Bee  is completed and we’re having a giveaway! More about that in a minute.

Our first Queen was Lynn Krawczyk who chose orange circles as her theme. She also likes retro 60’s colors including green, brown, gold, and orange. Those colors sure took me back in time!!

Here is my piece I made for Lynn.

Lynn's pieceI started with a plain piece of white Kona Cotton. I added those dark circles in the background by using my coffee stain stencil with Jacquard Color Magnet. After the design was dry, I dyed it with fiber reactive dyes.

I dyed several pieces so I’d have a choice to select from. For a couple I used a potato masher. After they were dyed I really wanted to use either of the two with the coffee stain since Lynn is a big coffee drinker.

More Color Magnet fabric
Color Magnet fabric

Once the fabric was washed, dried, and ironed I added gold and orange circles and dots with screen printing ink and then outlined the circles with fabric pens.  After it was finished, I ironed it.

I also sent Lynn a 6 x 6 square with the same process that she will be giving away on her blog. However, that piece’s background is brown instead of green. I really liked both the green and brown pieces and struggled with which one I would give to Lynn, but the green won.

Giveaway piece

Check out Lynn’s collection of fabric from our group on this post.

And now for the giveaway.

Printed Fabric Bee Giveaway pack

Aren’t they pretty? One lucky person will win this collection and that could be you! Just comment on Lynn’s post or the Printed Fabric Bee Facebook group page by midnight Sunday, November 10.

Now to move on to this month’s challenge. Julie Basseches Booth is our new queen and her theme is blue spirals. I love, love, love spirals. This will be fun!