The Best of 2013

I love to look back each year and see what I’ve accomplished. Part of my review is to look at what interested you.

The top five 2013 posts using Pinterest and blog traffic were the following:

Jillian's Colors front
Jillian’s Color Quiet Book


Wood block stencil mask
How to make stencil masks from stamped images


Sun printed fabric
Sun Printing

The Pinterest crowd continues to pin our soap recipes. The Coconut Cocoa Coconut Milk Soap was a popular one this past year.

Great lather from Cocoa Coconut Milk soap
Coconut Cocoa Coconut Milk Soap

And the marbling posts starting with this one:

My marbled pieces waiting to dry
How to Marble on Fabric

Several of the older posts also drew a lot of traffic including:

Gesso and Stencils

Toilet Paper Art

Ice Dyeing

It’s always fun to see what you enjoy reading. I’m looking forward to some new creative stuff this year. Thanks for being there.