Hawaiian fabric shopping

We just recently returned from a wonderful WARM stay in Hawaii. Our visit included three stops on The Big Island: Hilo, Waimea and Kona. If you know me, you know I like bargains and fabric shopping.

Two years ago we stayed in Kona and we stopped by this lovely fabric store. Well, a visit to that area wasn’t complete without revisiting Kimura’s Fabrics in Kainaliu again.

In front of fabric storeThis is the neatest place. Not only can you find all kinds of fabric there, you can also buy soft drinks, flip flops, and other stuff. If you can’t find something, the staff is right there to help you.

Inside Kimura’s FabricsLots of fabric.

Fabric at Kimura’s FabricsAnd this is what I purchased. The first two are the same pattern, but different colors. Dave chose them for aprons. The other piece I’ll make napkins or maybe a hankie or two for him.


The two laces are for me to play with dyes and paints! The one on the left reminds me of the lace that “chapel veils” were made of years ago when I was a kid. All girls had to wear them or hats at Mass. The other piece has palm trees. I asked if they had any lace with palm leaves and this is all she had.


Here’s a close up of the lace with palm trees. She says brides buy it for their wedding dresses in Hawaii. Pretty interesting.

Closeup of palm lace

Then right across the street is a thrift store. How convenient. This was one of the four thrift stores we checked out in Hawaii. Dave found a shirt and I bought a dress. Prices there were pretty steep for a thrift store, but we liked our purchases so we forked over the cash.

thrift store in hawaiiAfter this shopping trip, we had worked up a hunger so we revisited another place we liked, The Coffee Shack.

The Coffee ShackDoesn’t Dave look good in his snow dyed shirt?

DaveHere is a little friend who was hanging out eating with us.

gecko at coffee shackWe split a sandwich so we would have room for their wonderful desserts.

Coffee Shack sandwichI ordered the Coconut Creme Pie. Yum!

Coconut Creme Pie at Coffee ShackJust one of the wonderful, fun days of our vacation. Now that we’re home, it’s time to get back to some art. Hope you are keeping warm. It’s really cold here!