A Parfait of Color

A couple years ago I blogged about iced dyed parfait and the results. It was such a fun experiment and you can see the results here. It’s a great way to use up old dyes and get surprise fabric designs.

So this time I tried it without the ice and I really love the results.

Pafait Dyeing

If you aren’t familiar with parfait dyeing, all you do is place fabric (that has been washed and then soaked in soda ash water) in a container one piece at a time. So you put the first one in the container and add a dye color. Then you add the next piece of fabric and add a color, and on and on until you fill up the container or quit! While adding each piece of fabric I pushed the fabric down so the colors would mix.

Here are my results with the fabric in order from the bottom to the top of the container. This bottom piece is one of my favorites.

Bottom fabric

Parfait #2

Parfait #3

Parfait #4

Parfait #5

I also dyed some other fabric outside the parfait pot and one I wasn’t real happy with it. It’s pretty, but not what I wanted. I’ve been working on some new stencils for some of Dave’s shirts I’ll be dyeing and I tested the turtle stencil on that fabric. I think Mr. Turtle is ready for prime time!

fabric with turtle stencil

I also got Dave to model the last shirt I dyed for him. I was surprised he wanted such bright colors. He loves it and he looks so cute in it (if I do say so myself).

Dave and his new shirt

Weeding and mulching has been a big priority here. I’m trying to get the majority of it done before the bugs and heat get too bad. I do see the end of the major work coming soon which will leave me more time to create. Have a wonderful colorful Monday.