Sun Shibori and more

It was so much fun to get out and sun print this past weekend. I’ve done a lot of sun printing with botanicals, but this time I wanted to try a shibori technique. My friend, Lisa Chin, demonstrated this on her webinar, Creating Prayer Flags with Sun Shibori and Stencils. It’s on sale right now!

I knew about using shibori techniques in sun printing, but never tried it. If you aren’t familiar with shibori, it is a Japanese technique for ways of shaping cloth and securing it before it’s dyed.

I took two pieces of fabric and added glass pebbles under the fabric and secured them with rubber bands. Here they are after being painted and put in the sun. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of them before, although you can find a picture here. The red spots on the fabric are the rubber bands.

Sun Shibori
Dye-Na-Flow on left; Setacolor Transparent on right

I was testing side-by-side these two paints for sun printing. I really like both and wanted to do a real test so I could make up my mind which I wanted to use in a sun printing class I’ll be teaching this month at Studio 4905 in Henderson, Kentucky. More about that later.

I used the same color, Violet, on both pieces and here are the results.

Sun shibori test
Dye-na-Flow on the left; Setacolor Transparent on the right

I really liked both of them, but the Dye-na-Flow piece went almost all the way back to white where it was tied. But the other piece I also like! I thought the test would convince me to quit using one or the other for sun printing, but it didn’t.

Besides sun shibori I compared the paints using a regular dyeing technique called scrunching. I absolutely love all of the texture in these pieces.

Sun printed scrunch test
Dye-na-Flow on the left; Setacolor on the right

Some of the texture comes from sprinkling salt on the fabric before the paint was dry.

Sun test dye-na-flow


closeup sun test setacolor

Then I went back to just playing with botanicals using Dye-na-Flow.

On this piece I put fives blades of maiden grass, asparagus ferns, Becky daisies, and Hydrangea flowers. I also sprinkled salt in different places on the fabric.

botanicals for sun printing

I let it set in the sun until it was dry.

I love seeing how the masks block out the sun resulting in a great pattern. On this one, I have a nice image of the daisy.

Checking out the sun printing

The finished piece

botanical sun print

I can see this piece quilted. Now about the class, if you are in this area, I’ll be teaching a class on sun printing on Thursday, July 31 from 10 am to 2 pm at Studio 4905 in Henderson, Kentucky. Rain date is Thursday August 7. For more information, call Sherry Wilkerson at 270-869-4469 or contact her via her Facebook page. It’s going to be fun!!