Dyeing for baby

My hairdresser is having a baby and what better way to celebrate than to dye her a couple baby things.


I bought a baby blanket from Dharma Trading but after dyeing, it has pilled something terrible. Even after combing and working to get the lint off, I still didn’t think it was good enough to give her.


So I came up with a backup.

I’ve been looking for fabric to replace my crop pants I practically live in all summer. I’ll blog about them later, but the fabric I chose was cotton gauze.

Instead of making the pants out of this fabric, I washed the fabric, cut it, and serged the edges making a small blanket. Then it went to the dye studio to be dyed in one of my favorite colorways. Since this new mom is not into pink for her new little girl, I compromised with this palette. I had previously dyed little Jillian a dress with these colors and also a shirt for me.

leahsnewblanketI absolutely love how the gauze dyed. I serged with gray thread so it really went well with the colors. I see dyeing more of this fabric in the future.

Don’t know about your neck of the woods, but it’s been raining a lot here. Sure wish we could send a little of it to California. Have a fun and colorful weekend.