Sun printing class finally!

After planning and scheduling my sun printing class, it finally happened last Thursday. It all started last summer when the weather would not cooperate. We rescheduled and rescheduled and then just postponed it to this summer. It was suppose to be the previous Thursday, but it rained. Our rain date was Thursday. The weather cooperated and it was a lovely and fun day.

Here are just a few pictures from the class. I had plenty of  Setacolor and Dye-na-flow, my two favorites for sun printing, for them to play with.

Some of my pieces were hung to give them some ideas. Included in those samples were the ones where using the same colors and ferns, I compared textile, screen printing ink and Setacolor. (I blogged about the results here.)


Just a few of the sun printed pieces out in the sun.
Judy using plastic paper plate holders as masks.
Susanne working with my preserved ferns.
Sherry working with one of the other plastic paper plate holders.
Jane painting her shibori piece.
Lea painting her scarf.


I absolutely love the reveals!


spjanerevealspsherry'sblackpieceSo much fun and such creative peeps! Also, those ferns I preserved last year worked great!

And here’s the class together with one of their pieces.

sunprintingclassNow that they know how to sun print, I hope they will do more at home.  As for me, I need to decide what I’m going to do with all of those samples I’ve been holding on to for this class.