Spray dyeing with Tulip

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My spray dyed shirt and bandanas are part of the Tie Dye Your Summer  campaign.

Nothing reminds me of summer more than picnics and cookouts. So when I saw plastic plate holders I just had to use them as stencils for this fun, fast, and easy project.


To make the spray-dyed shirt and bandanas you’ll need the following:

  • plastic table covering
  • Tulip One Step Tie-Dye Kit which includes gloves
  • water
  • spray bottles
  • shirt/white bandanas (washed)
  • cardboard to insert into the shirt
  • plastic paper plate holders
  • plastic to cover dyed pieces

To get started, cover your work surface with plastic.

Insert cardboard into the shirt. We will be spraying the back and then the front of the shirt.


Put on gloves and add water to the Tulip dye bottles and shake. Make sure all of the dye is dissolved before pouring them into the spray bottles. I picked these bottles up at Target, but you can find similar ones at other stores for $1.


Don’t forget that these dyes are best used within 45 minutes for the best results, although they will still dye the fabric but won’t be as bright.

Place the plastic paper plate holders on top of the shirt.


Start spraying through the holders.

tulipsprayingWhen you lift them off the shirt you will see your design.


You can continue to add more stenciling or quit. When I’m happy with the design, I like to spray over the whole shirt to pull it together.

tulipoversprayThen cover the shirt with plastic and let it batch for 6 to 8 hours. I waited 24 hours.

Wash with cool water to remove any excess dye then wash in hot water, dry, and iron.


The bandanas were even easier since you only spray one side.


This is a easy and fun project! The kids (little or big!) will love spraying the dye either through stencils or directly on the shirts.


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