Returning to Garden of the Gods

When we were in Colorado last month we stopped and spent some time in the Garden of the Gods.


This is not our first trip here, but our first trip together. My first trip was in 1967 with my parents. At that time my sis and her hubby lived near Denver so this was a vacation to visit them and also see the sights. Dad took this picture of me back then.

Me at Balanced Rock 1967


I returned to this beautiful place in 1999 when I was in Colorado for a journal writing retreat. I thought I was recreating the 1967 picture, but it’s at the back of the Balanced Rock.


And this one was taken last month – much closer to the first photo.


Here are a few pictures of this place.

gardenofgods4 gardenofgods3 gardenofgods2 Gardenofgods1

I always thought I wanted to live in Colorado. After graduating from college, I drove out to Boulder by myself in January of 73 to ski and check out the area. I didn’t know a soul there, but a friend’s brother gave me a key to his apartment since they were all going to be home for the holidays during my visit. He also hooked me up with some friends who could take me skiing. It was an interesting time skiing, but mostly I spent this trip alone. I discovered on this trip that it’s not where you are, but who is there. My friends and family were back in Indiana where I wanted and needed to be.

On my 1973 Colorado road trip

It was on that trip I was introduced to the Manassas album (Stephen Still’s band double album released in 72). This song takes me back to that trip and that time in my life. Still love it!

Well, enough going back in time. Hope you are having a creative day.