Adding some color

Since I felt like I’ve not done much to blog about lately, I decided to take some pictures of what I have been doing.

First up is a new scarf.


And one of those silk cut velvet scarves. I dyed it plum – one of the new “in” colors.


And a closeup. Love them daisies.


After organizing my fabric I made a couple journal covers.


And inside of the raspberry one a little surprise on the pocket.


I also have been playing with some raw silk. I love the feel of it. I’d like to make some kind of wall hanging, but just in the playing stage right now.


I’ll be teaching a dyeing class with kids next month so I wanted to dye a couple bandanas to show them.


Oh, I love when I dye vintage napkins. If the pattern is in rayon, it will jump out after dyeing due to how fiber reactive dyes react on rayon. If the pattern is sewn in cotton the dye pretty much covers it up. I don’t like that look at all. I never know how these napkins will look until they are finished dyeing.

Octvintagenaps Closeups so you can see the patterns.

octvintagenapcloseup octvintagenapcloseup2 octvintageblueclose

I also worked on Debbie’s piece. She had won my mandala coloring giveaway. Instead of giving her something from my stash, I chose to dye a piece for her in her favorite colors – orange, yellow, and red. It’s not my favorite colors, but it turned out interesting. I sure hope she likes it.


I also will be teaching two Easy and Fun Silk Scarf Dyeing classes in the next couple of weeks. I made up a flyer for each venue. Here is the one for Saturday, November 14. If you are local, there is still room for you! There is still room for next week’s class, Thursday, October 22 at Studio 4905 in Henderson, Kentucky. Call Sherry to register at 270-869-4469.



Lastly, I’ve been playing a bit with my Scan and Cut2. I’m working on a project Dave and I are doing together. Here is a sneak peak of what I cut so far for this project. The top two are cut out of wool felt. It’s an amazing cutter for sure!


Well, that’s it for adding some color today. Hope you are having a great day. And as always, thanks for dropping by.