Dye Studio Revamping

Well, the revamping of my dye studio is finally finished! I started the process almost two weeks ago. I was going great guns and then I got a real bad cold and had to put the revamping on hold. But it’s done and I am so excited to show it to you. Here are a couple “Before” pictures.

dye studio
July 2014 dye studio

This year we added some lighting and a metal shelf, and I moved things around. I got rid of all of those gourds and other stuff not related to my dyeing.

dyestudiosummer15This area is at the back of the garage and measures 8′ x 11’4″. I imagine these cabinets were the original ones from the kitchen. When we looked at this house during the open house, the former owners had this converted to a stain glass studio. You can see one of the piece she left me sitting in the cabinet.

In addition to painting and cleaning, I went through all of my stuff and have a trunk full to go to the thrift shop. I also got rid of the metal shelf on the right and the other metal shelf. I was able to put most of my stuff in the cabinets.

I decided to paint the cabinets Bleached Linen. I had no idea they would take three coats.

So here it is! Come on in and I’ll give you a tour.

I can’t believe how much brighter it is with the cabinets painted. I also painted the walls which really cleaned them up. Due to taking out that metal shelving on the right, I was able to add another work table. I need to get risers to bring it level with the other table, giving me a real long work table. The sink table will just sit there and I’ll only be using it in the summer when I move it outside where it will be hooked up to the hose.

dyestudiorevamp1Here is a closeup of those cabinets. I put the old hardware back on and I love how it looks. I will probably add more things to the pegboard, but for now this will work fine. I love those baskets that are filled with stuff I use alot. I also hung three of my mashers.


This table with the cover was my grandma’s kitchen table. It has an enamel top and I remember her making candy on it. I’ve seen one recently at an antique store and also on ebay and they are pretty pricey made in the 40s. I keep it covered until I am ready to fold or scrunch my wet soda ash soaked fabric. It works perfectly, allowing me to slide the fabric easily.

Mom gave me this table to serve as my kitchen table in my very first apartment back in the early 70s. After I bought a regular kitchen table, this table has moved with me and was usually housed in the basement to hold laundry. When we moved here, it was so nice to be able to use it again for something more than laundry. The mess on the right under that other table is a laundry basket overflowing with old clean towels. I never can have too many towels! I also have moved my refrigerator, where I keep mixed up dyes, on the floor. It has been sitting on the counter taking up precious space.


I also wanted to bring things out here that remind me of others. In the corner of the counter is a RCA thermometer. This was my Dad’s so I feel I’ll have his presence out here.


The bluebird next to the mashers reminds me of Dave.


On the shelf I have one of my indigo dyed collages.


I also have a rock, nail, and wood piece that was given to me by Randy Lofthouse, one of the artists I interviewed when I wrote my column for the local paper. It was such an interesting piece and reminds me of him and all of the artists that I met during that two-year journey.


On our recent trip to Colorado I found this metal figure. I fell in love with her at first sight. Since I’ll be spending more time out here, I thought she’d like to keep me company.


And here is the Before and After. What a difference! It looks bigger. I still need to add plastic on the tables and the risers for that one table, but I’m ready to get back to playing.

dyestudiobeforeafter  Thanks for joining me on my tour. Now all I need is the air/heat which should will be put in next month. Then I’ll be able to play in there almost all year around!