Vat dyeing – Third Time is Charm

As you know I like to dye. However, vat or tub dyeing is one I don’t do that much. For one thing I have to stir for an hour or so. It’s all about having the color solid. I’ve been able to get some even dyeing with low immersion, but more often not.

That being said, most of the time I don’t want uniform colors. I like the texture and irregularity of low immersion, but when it comes to, for instance, dyeing my vintage napkins, I want them to be a solid color so that their pattern will show – not the blotchy dye.


I recently dyed these beautiful Devore Satin scarves. I love how they turned out. They are so pretty. The picture just doesn’t do them justice.


This all brings me to the third time is charm. I bought this shirt last year at a Goodwill when we were in Hawaii. I know – just can’t keep me out of thrift stores!! I thought it was so cute, but the color – so blah.

overdyedshirtSo I low immersion dyed it and it turned out so uneven I had wished I would have left it alone. Ugh!


But there is always over dyeing, so I tried that. That turned out so badly that I didn’t even take a picture of it. A couple weeks ago I decided that if I was ever going to wear this shirt I needed to dye it again. This time I vat dyed it. Is it the prettiest dye job I’ve ever done? NO. Is it even? Yes. Will I wear it? Yes. However, if I were to do it over again I would have vat dyed it the first time. I still may do some discharging on it, but for now it’s okay and hanging in my closet waiting to be worn.

overdyedshirt3If you’ve never vat dyed, here are some directions.

This was my table setting for Christmas Day dinner. This is a set of vintage napkins with a matching tablecloth. I dyed the napkins several years ago, but never got around to dyeing the tablecloth. I just couldn’t decide on the color and with it being white, it went with all of the napkins dyed in different colors.

thanksgivingtable And a close-up.


Well, I now have to make a decision as to the color of the tablecloth.  I washed the napkins and tablecloth together. I wash and wash my dyeing, but it’s never a good idea to wash red with anything white. Anyway, I now have a splotchy pink tablecloth. I knew better,  but was in a hurry. So it will be vat dyed one of these days.

Meanwhile so much other stuff to do and dye. Have a great day and if you’d like to comment about vat dyeing or anything else or just say hi, comment below. Thanks.