Hawaii: Recreating past photos

My mom and dad always dreamed of traveling to Hawaii. As a child our family took four trips – three to Florida and one to visit my sis and her husband in Colorado. Then in 1972, Dad won a trip to Honolulu for a RCA convention. (I googled about this convention but couldn’t find any information.) They were both so excited. Mom sewed several outfits for herself with matching ties for dad.

This was a professional picture they had taken while there. So last year when we were planning our trip to Hawaii I thought it would be neat if we could recreate that picture. To do that we had to stay in Honolulu. From other pictures it looked like they stayed in the Royal Hawaiian so we booked a few days there to recreate the photos and to see some of the area since I had never been there.


We talked with some of the staff and they did their best to direct us to where they thought the picture was taken. So much has changed since then.


As I dug through my old pictures, I found another picture of Dad in front of the Royal Hawaiian.

I showed several of the workers at the hotel and a few remembered this sign. It’s changed quite a bit from back then.



Then I found a picture of my mom on Waikiki beach.


That was so much fun recreating those pictures and that wonderful time they had. Unfortunately, their story had a sad ending. Three weeks after they were home from Hawaii Mom died. I think she knew something was going on before she left, but kept it a secret so that Dad could enjoy the vacation. I was so happy that they did have that fun experience together.

While we were there, we visited Pearl Harbor and The U. S. S. Arizona Memorial. What a sad and sobering experience, but so well worth the time.


Inside the Memorial

I dedicated my tag that day to the Memorial.


While in Honolulu we walked up to the top of Diamond Head. It was so worth the hike to view Honolulu from way up, but there are lots of steps!

diamondhead1 diamondhead5

And some areas where it was a flat trail.


But when you get to the top, this is what you see!

diamondhead3Here is a little closer view. The pink hotel is the Royal Hawaiian where we stayed.

diamondhead2And a typical tourist picture of Dave.


While walking around Honolulu we spotted this interesting drain cover.


We only stayed in Honolulu a couple of days before heading off to The Big Island. I promise I’ll try not to bore you with more vacation pictures, but I have a few more to share.

I picked up my sewing machine yesterday from the dealer. Right before we left on vacation I again became frustrated about free motion. I had decided this year if I can’t do it, I’m not going to try anymore. So I tried everything from changing out the threads, needles, fabric and batting. What a mess the backside of the fabric was. It then occurred to me to try FM on my old Elna. The stitches and backside were perfect! So it wasn’t me! I had been blaming myself and it was the machine. Anyway,¬† when I took it in to the dealer they said I had no tension. When I picked the machine up yesterday, in addition to the tension problem, it also needed oil and a couple other adjustments. I plugged it in and I free motioned last night. Yipee! So maybe you’ll get to see some of my FM this year!

Have a good creative week and if it’s cold in your neck of the woods like it is here, stay warm.