Hitting The Wall

Do you have those days when you just have trouble creating? That’s how it’s been for me this week. It seems like I keep hitting the wall. You know that wall, that one that keeps your idea in your head from getting out onto your work table or when the idea comes out you really question why you even attempted it.

I’m not giving up on mine, but just not sure when or if they will be blog worthy.

Here are pictures of a several of them.



This one I believe will work out if I can move with it. Right now it’s sitting on my table waiting for me.


After being so focused on the ice dyeing class for the last several months, it’s been good to look at some other creative adventures. One thing that is good right now is that I do have a lot of ideas and I have been working on stuff. Now if I can just get them out of my head!

Meanwhile, I have been getting some gardening done. I dug up all of these ostrich ferns and got rid of them. They just don’t play nice with the other plants. They are very evasive, and spread all over trying to crowd everyone out. I don’t like that and neither do the other plants including the hostas.


I took this picture before I dug them up. This was just one area they had spread. They were all over this shade bed. The lovely fern on the right is not an ostrich fern so it gets to stay.

fernsbeforeAnd the after shot, although not quite the same camera angle.

fernsafter I like to use ferns to sun print and these ferns were not even good for that. So we’ve ordered some replacements that in addition to playing nice, may even be nice to play with!

This Fallopia is also a somewhat invasive plant, but it’s not real bad. I find shoots several feet from the mother, but they’re easy to pull up. And it’s such a pretty plant.


Here it is closeup – beautiful leaves.


I received this in the mail yesterday. I had ordered it as soon as she announced she had written it. In light of hitting the wall, this is the perfect book for me. I can’t wait to sit with it this weekend.


Hope you have a wonderful and creative weekend. Maybe next week I’ll have a finished piece to show you. Thanks for dropping by.