Making Bridges and Prayer Flags

I bought my Scan and Cut last year and haven’t really used it like I was hoping I would. It seems to have a higher learning curve than my Silhouette. I wanted to make some prayer flags this last week and use stencils for the words. I could easily whip the stencils out on my Silhouette, mostly because I’ve used it so much. But I wanted to make the stencils with my Scan and Cut.


The problem with making stencils is some of the letters fall out with most fonts. For example the “e” in the above words needed to have a bridge added in order for that letter to work as a stencil.

Since I’m sure others who own the Scan and Cut might have the same problem, I decided to make a video tutorial on how to add the bridge to the “e” or any other letter than needs a bridge. It’s really easy.

Here are the finished stencils.

stencilscutAnd my new flags blowing in the breeze.

prayerflagsoutsideI had so much fun making the flags. I’ll be teaching my new class, Wind Wishes: Inspirational Flags, at Gilda’s in August.

Have a great weekend!