Sunday Roundup

Happy Sunday! Here’s a Sunday roundup of what has been going on here this past week.

I’m teaching my Wind Wishes: Inspirational Flags class this week at Gilda’s Club so I’ve been preparing for this fun class which involved cutting and sewing up flags. I have enough now for everyone to paint four – three to take home and one to hang in the clubhouse.

whiteflagsI finished cutting stencils to use on the flags. Here is a tutorial on how I cut these.


My blackberry-dyed bowls set is complete!

blackberrybowlsDave likes to use these on his blog for photos of his harvests. (If you are interested in gardening, here is a link to his blog.) I made that real small bowl to put my jewelry in when not being worn. Thanks to Dave for these photos.

handbowlI really love making these bowls. I dyed some cord last week and I’ll be making some bright-colored bowls soon.


Dave has requested a new apron so I’ll be ice dyeing him one this week.

Talking about ice dyeing, my Icy Delights online class is going strong. I love seeing all of the beautiful fabric created from my students. Here are a couple t-shirts by Lisa M. Aren’t they beautiful?

Lisa'sshirtsAnd Deb Donnell made a collage of some of her beautiful fabric. Ooh La La!

Deborah DonnellIf you are interested in learning how to ice dye and/or joining in the fun, check out my promo video HERE. Once you sign up for the class, you can join our Facebook group where you will meet Lisa and Deb and many of the other students. It’s a great community to share and learn from each other.

Last week, we had some utility shelving built for our basement. I have been so looking forward to this project so we can get organized. Many of the boxes have not been opened since we moved here almost 10 years ago.

Here are the shelves with some of the organized boxes back on the shelving, but there is so much more to go through.


From the stuff I went through, I ended up taking a couple loads to the local thrift store and filling up the recycle bin! These four quilts are just a few of my grandma’s quilts that I inherited. They had to be washed since the container I stored them in wasn’t water tight.


Grandma had quite a few quilts that were split between the four of us after she and mom died back in the 70s. When my brother died, I went to retrieve his quilts and they were not in good shape at all.¬† In addition to holes and tattered, they are pretty stained. He really used his share. Most of mine have been stored away for some day in the future. As the years roll by I need to really think about what I’m going to do with them.

Below are two of his that really need to be cutters. The star quilt on the right is in real bad shape while the other one still has a lot of good areas. I always said I wouldn’t cut up a quilt, but these will see my scissors soon.

cuttersI’ve seen all kinds of things made with these quilts from little wall hangings and ornaments to pillows and notebook covers. What would you do with these quilts? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

As always, thanks for dropping by and I sure hope this will be the start of a great week for you.