Ice, Paint, and Water

Good Morning! Can you believe it’s almost September? This summer has really flown by.

Last week I spent a little bit of my time ice dyeing.

icedyedpieceAug25When I showed Dave this piece he asked if he could have a shirt. Sure!  Here’s his shirt!

davesnewshirtI also tried a couple more folds and ice dyed them.

worm hummingbirdWednesday night I taught my Wind Wishes: Inspirational Flags class at Gilda’s in Evansville Indiana. What a great group of women. They had fun painting and stenciling some beautiful flags.

IMG_1927Everyone painted four flags, one of which they left to hang at Gilda’s. Here are the ones they left behind.


Then I got out on the water at Bluegrass Fish and Wildlife Area. It was a hot day, but it was perfect for kayaking. After not kayaking for 10 years, this summer has been great to get back into this activity again.

kayakinginaugustDave and I also made ketchup. He had made a batch the week before, so we should be stocked for the winter. Nothing like the smell of cooked tomatoes. It reminds me of my grandma’s house.

cookingketchupWe also got a treat. Our Master Gardener friend Jane emailed me that she had a couple Pawpaws ripe and wanted to know if I wanted them since she knew we had never tasted them. We planted several trees on our property a couple years ago without knowing how they tasted! They are native to this area, but I’ve never seen them in the store or ever known of anyone who grew them. They are so good! The only way I can describe them is they taste like a vanilla banana. Looks like we’ll have a couple more years before we’ll have these lovelies on our trees. Now that I know how they taste, I really am looking forward to them. Again, thank you Jane for giving us a taste of this wonderful fruit.

pawpawaug16Now to this week. Hope it finds you healthy, happy, and colorful!