Indigo Play Date

Two years ago I taught an indigo dyeing class. Connie wasn’t able to attend that class so we decided one of these days we’d have our own indigo play date. This week we finally got together and played.


Here is the dye pot I made from the Jacquard indigo kit.

indigopotOnce the pot was ready, it was time to fold and bind our fabrics.

I love using clothes pins. Here is how this piece looked before the indigo dip.


And how it looks now.

indigopinsAnother one


My favorite piece


I love the spiral so I added a couple to this gray thrift store shirt. I really liked the shirt but didn’t like the gray color, but knew when I bought it I’d eventually dye it. Love it now!

indigodyeshirtOf course I had to dye some rope for a rope bowl.

indigoropeAt the very beginning my right glove must have had a hole in it. I ended up with a blue hand.

bluehandAt the end I notice that my fingernails also were (and are still) blue!

indigofingersConnie and I posed with a couple of our pieces.

ConnieandmeindigoNow I have more indigo clothespins to add to my collection!

indigoclothespinsWhat a fun day! Thanks for dropping by.