Five marking tools

I thought I’d share the  five marking tools I really, really like for those painted canvas pieces.

First up is this neat wood clay roller. It comes with three other rollers and you can buy it online or at Blicks. I just love the marks this roller makes.  You can see I used the roller with several colors, and then added white lines as the top marks.

This wood fabric stamp can be found at craft stores and online. I just love the marks it makes, but then I absolutely love wood stamps.

Here are the last three.

The brayer with dots also comes with an extra roller with lines. I found mine at Tuesday Mornings, but you can also get it online. The old potato masher I’ve used a lot with my soy wax, but it also works great with paint. I don’t remember where I found it. The last is a cheap foam stencil brush. I don’t like to use it for stenciling, but sure love the circles it makes on this canvas.

These are just five of my favorite marking tools.  I showed one of my finished art quilts using these canvases on this post. Below are the two I’ve finished so far.

This second one I like even better than the first one.

Now to make one more. I’ve never been real good at working in a series. I’m trying to learn to be more disciplined!

Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend.