Cherry Picking Time

Cherry picking came a bit earlier this year. Last week I harvested almost a pound – enough for a cobbler – from our little tree we planted back in 2007.

It made this yummy cherry cobbler.

Friday we went to Farview Orchards which is 45 minutes from here.

This is the only orchard in the area that grows cherries – both sweet and sour. Dave and I love to stock up on both kinds for the freezer so we can eat on them all year long. We picked 20 pounds in 45 minutes and then we went home to spend two hours processing them for the freezer.

Here is just one of the boxes from our harvest. Puddin and Ace had to check it out.

Cherry picking brings back such great memories. My first time picking cherries was at Dave’s house in 2005, just a few months after we met. We spent the day harvesting his cherries and putting them up. We always thought when we planted those three trees in 2007 when we moved here, that eventually we’d have as many as his old tree provided. However, two of our trees died and then the old tree that was here when we bought the place was cut down by mistake by the tree service. So every other year we head up to Farview and pick a bunch for the freezer. Now we are stocked up for awhile.

We’ll make lots of cobblers with the tart cherries. I also like to make cherry pie cake (aka cherry upside down cake) with them. The sweet cherries we will use for smoothies and add to our morning dry toasted muesli.

Back in the studio I’ve been stenciling on my dry brush dyed fabric.

Also, I’ve been ice dying a bit. I’ve offered students in my Icy Delights online class a challenge for June. Everyone entering the challenge will be put in a drawing for a prize from me. Sharing their dyeing with the other students will give everyone more ideas for their ice dyeing projects.

I decided I’d take some time yesterday to also participate in the challenge. Taking boring white fabric and making it into beautiful color is why I love it so much. This bunch is waiting to be washed.

Hope you’re having a colorful day!