Muck Dyes Visited

If you are a customer of Dharma Trading, you will see from time-to-time muck dyes for sale. Muck dyes are dyes that they make in limited quantities and can’t be reproduced. They are CHEAP! For these I paid between $4.50 and $5 for 8 oz. Usually these fiber reactive dyes run, depending on color, between $2.95 and $5.95 for 2 oz! The down side is if you fall in love with a color, what you bought is all you get! And they sell out fast. I ordered one of the other ones and even though it was not sold out online, by the time they filled my order, it was gone. They also give them funny names.

Here are four I bought this past week: clockwise: Just Yolking, Mint to Be, We Blue it, and Covfefe.  I added 2 grams of dye to 100 ml of water for each fat quarter. This is a great way to see the colors before I do some serious dyeing.

Here are the results from that dyeing. Because I’ve scrunched them and left them alone, they are not solid colors. If  you want solid colors you need to keep manipulating them during the batching time or vat dye them. I love the results!

Here are two I bought awhile back: Life’s a Peach and Iced Berry.

And the results after dyeing.

I wanted to see how the four new muck dyes would ice dye. This first piece is We Blue it, and Covfefe fan folded. Since reds hit faster and like to take up a lot of space on the fabric, they have overpowered the blue. This would be a good case for adding the blue first and waiting a bit before adding the red.

The next two fat quarters are ice dyed using all four muck dyes. The first is fan folded.

The second is scrunched.

I think I need to dye a shirt or two with the four muck dyes!! I love experimenting with new dyes. So much fun!

Lots of gardening going on here and my thoughts go back to the years I posted all of my lovely irises on this blog. Most of them I gave away, but still have a few and I still love them. Here are three irises that have shown up so far this season.

As mentioned, lots of gardening happening here, but I do plan on squeezing in some more dyeing and sewing. Check out what other creative stuff is happening at Off The Wall Friday.

Hope you have a creative day, and thanks for dropping by.