Irises and Inspiration

Today I am talking about irises and inspiration.

A little about my history with the irises here. The spring after we moved in we discovered irises blooming in several places. It wasn’t just a couple different irises, but lots of different ones. The original owner (before the people we purchased this house from) must have been an iris lover. I had never had many, so it was so exciting to see and then count all of the different ones. If you search “irises” on this blog you will find lots of posts about them and my count.

In my first count back in 2010 I counted 38 different ones. Here is my count this year.

The reason for so few now is that we got rid of several of the iris areas. I also gave a lot away to both friends and to the annual plant sale. I tried to move and keep my favorites, but either they are gone or they’ve not bloomed this year. Several that I planted in the lavender area last year were those I wanted to keep. However,¬† only five bloomed this year. Hopefully we’ll see more next year.

Unfortunately due to the cold winter, my lavender has died. I’ve pulled out all but one plant, and will be cleaning up this area soon and moving the irises giving them more space to grow.

But let’s get to the inspiration. Over the years I’ve been inspired by them. Back in 2011 I took a sketchbook challenge class, and jumped out of my comfort zone and sketched one of these beauties. Here is the link to the post.

Iris sketch for Sketchbook Challenge Class
Iris sketch for Sketchbook Challenge Class

This stitched iris was part of a review of Quilting Art in Stitches emags back in 2011. Here is a link to the blog post.

My thread stitched iris
My thread stitched iris

I also wrote a tutorial on Jacquard Solarfast using an iris as a subject. Blog post here.

Lastly, I used the irises to create colorways, dyeing fabric to match the irises. That post is here.

I really hated to see the irises go, but I look forward to seeing them and more next year.