Mucks and More

I really loved those ice dyed pieces using the four muck dyes I purchased recently.  I just had to ice dye a t-shirt.

Here are a couple blocks I am working on with the muck dyed fabric. I stamped over the block with my mandala stencil. My post on how to make the stencil is here.

I’ve also been playing with those Colorhue Dyes that I use on silk and in my Easy Silk Dyeing online class. I’m working on another video for the class which will show how I dyed these.

It’s amazing how easy and what all you can do with these dyes.

If you’d like more information on my online class, Easy Silk Dyeing, check out the info here. The class contains 12 videos, 4 pdfs and a supply checklist. The class is always open, so you can work on it on your schedule. Regularly $20, the class is now $17 through Memorial Day. Click on this link for the discount which will expire at the end of the day, May 28.

And while we’re talking discounts…..

I’m also running a sale on Icy Delights, my online class on ice dyeing. From now until the end of Memorial Day it is $5 OFF. Check it out with this link.

I’ve been doing a lot of weeding and mulching. My feet were really starting to hurt, and I realized that I didn’t have any support in the garden shoes I bought last year. Dave loves his Crocs so I purchased my own pair. I can’t believe how happy my feet are now!

In the summer I really enjoy fruit infused water. Recently I’ve really gotten into orange water.

Dave has been making Kombucha for a year now, and in the last couple of months I just started drinking a couple jiggers a day. Great for my digestive system and tastes really good. Here is some of the Kombucha fermenting and waiting to go in the refrigerator.

When Dave and I met back in 2005 we decided we would run half marathons every year. We did that for four years, even running two in one year. We decided that it took too much training to really participate in the runs even if we end up walking most of it. Well, running/walking the 5K in Maui in January inspired us to start training. Not sure we’ll even walk a half marathon, but we will be doing more 5ks. So far this year we’ve done 3 including the one in Maui. A couple weeks ago we participated in our local Riverwalk Run. They caught us jogging in to the finish line.

Looking forward to spending more time in the dye studio. Got some ideas to share. Happy start of the summer!