Spinner Art with Jacquard Water Based Resist

For this post I’m using Jacquard Water Based Resist with my spinner art. I really like using this product and unlike glue it is so easy to wash out of the fabric.

You can see me use this resist on silk in this post.

Just a reminder, all of the fabric has been soaked in soda ash water for 15 minutes and allowed to dry before adding the Jacquard Resist and dyes.

I put the Jacquard Resist in a small bottle and away we went.

When the resist was dry, using a foam brush I painted the fabric with the thickened dye. In this post I show how to make thickened dye.


I let the fabric batch overnight. Then fabrics are rinsed in cold water until the water runs clear. It doesn’t take long for the resist to wash out.  I continue to rinse in warm water increasing it to hot. Then they soak in a hot bath of water and Blue Dawn detergent for around 30 minutes. Then it’s off to the washer in hot water with two rinses, the dryer, and a nice press with the iron.

Here are the final pieces again.

These are some of my favorites so far. If you have missed my other posts about Spinner Art, check out this link. I have just a couple more spinner art posts, and then I’ll move on to something else. It’s been fun focusing on one technique.