How to: Dendritic Mono Printing

I happened across Dendritic mono printing on paper awhile back and decided to try it on fabric. If you’re not familiar with the word dendritic, it means having a branched form resembling a tree.

This is really an easy technique that provides backgrounds that look like branches. Here is how it’s done.

I start with a large piece of glass that I’ve covered the edges in duck tape to prevent me from getting cut on the sides. You can use a smaller piece of glass, but I had this one around and I also have some ideas for future projects. I put down a piece of newsprint under the glass so I can see the design better. And then you will need another piece of plexiglass or glass.

I’m using Jacquard Textile Paints because they have a nice thick consistency. However, you can use your favorite textile paint, but make sure it’s not real thin.

Now it’s time to add the paint to the large glass or the bottom piece.

Spread the paint by brayer or brush. Try not to use a lot of paint or your design will not be as detailed. Less is best with this technique.

Once the area is covered, place the smaller glass on top of the paint.

Then push the top glass into the bottom glass.

Now for the excitement. Carefully lift one of the edges of the top glass. You’ll see the start of the design. Isn’t that cool?

Remove the top glass and place paint side up. Below is the small glass on the right side of the picture.

Lay the fabric gently on top of the small glass and smooth with your hand. You’ll see the pattern appear.

Remove from glass and let dry. Then iron according to your paint’s instructions. I let them dry for a day and then ironed on the reverse side and then the front. I then washed them on the speed wash cycle in warm water, dried, and then ironed. You don’t really have to wash them, but I wanted them to be a tad softer.

And here are several of the pieces.

I’ve not decided how I will use them yet. They will make great backgrounds. I’m definitely not done with this technique. If you try this or have tried this, I’d love to hear about it.

Meanwhile, yesterday in the mail I received the new issue of Quilting Arts magazine.

I’m so happy to have my article on painted and stitched leaves published in this wonderful magazine. I wrote my very first article about ice dyeing back in 2011 for them and have written a couple others since then. Here are the first two pages of this four-page article.

As for Ally, we are keeping her away from Puddin for a little while longer. She’s itching to get out in the rest of the house, and Puddin is also wanting to meet her. Dave and I both visit her quite a bit during the day, and keeping her litter box clean keeps me busy. One of her tricks is to jump on my back when I’m cleaning out the litter box. The other day Dave came in and took several pictures of her on my back. I walked over to the mirror and he took the picture of what was in the mirror. She’s going to be a handful!

Hope you are keeping cool. I’ve been doing a little more free motion and just received some new thread I want to practice with. As always, thanks for dropping by. I’ve linked up to Off The Wall Friday. Check out other inspirational blogs there.