Welcome Ally!

As most of you know, we lost our dear sweet Ace in June while on vacation. It was such a shock to us with him being just 6 years old and healthy. I wasn’t sure I wanted another kitty, but we’ve been talking about looking for a new member of our family. Then Tuesday, while watching the noon news on one of our local television stations, they showed the pet of the week, Leslie. We both were smitten with her, and we left after lunch to meet and then welcome Ally (her new name) to our home.

We took her to the vet the next day for a check up, and found she had a couple issues to address. So she’s staying in the guest bathroom until her medication has ran it’s course before she meets Puddin.

Ally is a lap sitter, so it was easy to get her to stay calm during the visit to the vet. Here she is sitting on Dave’s lap.

Ally weighs in at 5.3 lbs and according to the Henderson Ky Humane Society she is 15 months old and has already been a mother. The vet thought she was closer to just a year.

As I mentioned she is in the guest bath, and since we’ve not had a kitten for years, I had forgotten what they can get into. So the other morning I went in there to see her and I started laughing. Evidently she had a good time the night before. I should have sent her to my tutorial on creating with TP before she started playing!

We’ve not formally introduced her to Puddin yet, although Puddin did see her when we returned from the vet. She was not impressed and hissed. I’ve also seen her sitting outside the bathroom door trying to figure out what’s going on in there. Puddin is not a hisser and is usually pretty laid back, but I do remember she did hiss at Ace when he interrupted her naps. I look forward to them being fast friends.

Meanwhile until they meet, Ally is enjoying sitting in the sling and watching what’s going on outside. She also has lots of toys to play with, and of course, mom and dad visit her many times a day.

I really didn’t think I had it in me to take on another kitty, but I was wrong. What a joy she has brought to us in just the short time she’s been here.