Goodbye Sweet Puddin

Our sweet Puddin left this world yesterday.


Dave and I visited the local humane society in 2007 to search of a fur baby for him. This was prior to our marrying later that year. He immediately fell in love with Puddin.

This is what she looked like back then. She was such a sweet baby.



And she grew into this pretty girl.




She and Dave had a special relationship.



She spent a lot of time on his lap.



But when she and Dave moved into our new home with me and my two sweeties (Sidd and Shel), she also bonded with us. In fact, Puddin loved everyone. She was so close to Ace, but after he left us, she soon bonded with Ally. Even though she wasn’t feeling well last week, Puddin still was grooming her.

Sidd and Puddin 2011
Ace and Puddin 2013
Puddin and Ally January 2019


She spent a lot of time in my studio with me. She surprised me awhile back when she got in one of the bowls.


She was one special kitty.


She loved to pose for the camera.


She was not shy about sitting in my current stash of fabric.


She spent a lot of time on her back!

normal puddin

Or sleeping on anything I left on the floor including my slippers.

April 2020


May 2020

We knew she was living on borrowed time. We had discovered growths on her last year. The vet was concerned about her heart and whether she could make it through an operation. We chose to take her home and just love her. She really seemed to cope pretty well, but we noticed the growths were getting larger. She still was eating, playing a bit (or really watching Ally and Molly play), and wanting to be on a lap.  But she was slowing down. It was just about three weeks ago that we saw a big change in her weight, and then a week ago it was obvious time was getting short.  Even though she ate very little and had a hard time breathing, she made it a point to be around us.

We buried her this morning next to Ace right by the garden. She’s with her buddy now.

I’m sad she had to leave us, but I know she’s no longer suffering. She would have been 14 years old next month. I’m so glad that we were able to spend more than 13 of those years with her.