2020 Iris Parade

Now that the irises have bloomed, I wanted to document the 2020 iris parade here at Happy Acres. Sixteen bloomed and nine didn’t, bringing my total irises that I know about to 25.

Here is my main bed. This area, located in the sun garden, was originally my lavender area. After they all died I decided I’d move the majority of my irises to this small area.

It’s only been a couple years and they have all grown up. The bed is overcrowded, and I’m sure that’s why the other nine did not bloom this year. So I’ll be digging them all up, dividing them, and also adding another bed so everyone has lots of room to grow.

I’ve had a lot of irises since moving here in 2007. I’ve done yearly counts on this blog, and at one time 39 different irises were blooming at one time.

In 2008, I decided to divide all of my irises and put the extras on the slope. I tagged them the following year once they bloomed, and then potted them with labels to be sold at the Master Gardener’s annual plant sale. I continued to do this for several years until I got rid of many irises, always keeping one of each for our yard. Here is a picture from 2011, and just part of the slope.


I moved some irises to three beds in front, making one bed just for dwarf irises. I posted about them here. They were all so beautiful, but I felt overwhelmed and decided to quit obsessing about irises. I got rid of the three beds in the front, and a large back bed. By that time the slope area was also gone. I moved my favorites to the current small bed.

Fast forward to this year. With all that is going on in the world right now, I found that what has helped me the most is gardening. When I am out there, I am present with the plants. It may be difficult when I’m pulling the Bermuda grass out of the bed or digging out small trees that have grown up in areas I have neglected over the past couple of years, but it is satisfying and keeps me grounded. The plants don’t know what’s going on. And then there are the birds who sing their hearts out. I thanked the irises for blooming. I told the cherries and asparagus how much I appreciated them showing up for us this year. I’ve been sweet talking the blueberries that will be turning soon.

But back to the irises. When they were blooming I was so excited to get up every morning and rush out to see who had showed up that day. They changed my outlook. They made my day. I couldn’t believe how much joy they brought me. I decided then and there that I was going to expand my iris area. So I found those labels I had used years ago, and started to label all of my irises that bloomed this year for their move to the new area. I also ordered a few new irises to join the family. So I’m back into irises, but only in smaller beds I can manage.



But I also did a bit of dyeing. Back in 2015 I dyed fabric to match three of my irises. None of them showed up this year. So this year I decided to again dye a couple iris colorways.


Teamwork colorway


China Moon Colorway

Here are this year’s iris parade. If you scroll over the picture you can see their names.

I’ve been getting up early, trying to beat the heat. The other morning at 5:30 it was already 80 degrees! But I finished weeding and mulching the asparagus patch. Now it’s ready until 2021 spring cleanup. Looking forward to all the beautiful ferns.


The cherry tree gave us enough for a cobbler. We planted it back in 2008, and it’s never done real well due to the location which is somewhat shady. But we at least got a taste.


That’s all for today. I hope you are safe and well. Sending you all a big hug.