ABC’s of Art Part 3

I’m continuing my ABC’s of Art. Today we start with M.

M is for marbling. I was obsessed with this technique awhile back. Check out all of my posts on ths fun technique HERE.

N is for Nature – printed leaves from foam stamp on ice dyed background. Here is the tutorial.

O is for Over Dyeing with Indigo. Using indigo to over dye really is a game changer. Here is the tutorial.

P is for Purses using my ice dyed fabric.

Q is for Quarantine play – my dyed rope coasters.

R is for resists. I love all types of resists, but flour may be one of my favorites. Here are some flour resist fabrics using dye. Here is a tutorial. I also have posts about using paint instead of dye.

Of course, S is for Spinner Art. Here is a link to all of my tutorials on this art. I used both a spinner toy and a record turntable.

T stands for Toilet Paper! On top of my indigo pieces is the molded toilet paper image. Here is a tutorial on making the TP pieces.

That’s all of the alphabet for this post.

Monday we had a new roof put on our house. The old one had been leaking for several years, and every time it rained I was concerned. I was so happy when we were finally on the schedule to have this done. It was a really stressful day for us with the constant noise. However, it was worse for the kitties. Ally hid all day. We finally found her squeezed under my recliner where she had to be coaxed out before we went to bed. Molly, on the other hand, ran around crying all day. The workers did a great job and were finished by the end of their long day – starting before light and leaving after dark. A worker came by the next morning to go over the yard again to make sure they had gotten all of the nails. It was worth one crazy day for the peace of mind knowing now if it rains we’ll be dry.

Since then both kitties have pretty much slept. Ally likes my new arrangement.

Molly/Penny likes to sleep on top of my recliner. I’ve been asked about the sheet covering the recliner. I bought the recliner a couple years ago and I find the fabric very hot in the summer and uncomfortable in the winter. So I cover it with a sheet. It looks bad, but feels good.

Have a great rest of the week. Looking for some inspiration, check out the Linky party at Off the Wall Friday.