Inspiration From A Old Piece

What a surprise when I found my inspiration from an old piece I had created a couple years ago.

I was reorganizing my fabrics and came across this piece. I absolutely love it, but there was not enough it to do anything with.

So I got out my soy wax and fiber reactive dyes. In this first piece I tried to copy this piece using the same background blue. However, it didn’t turn out as dark. I have to keep reminding myself that the dye is always darker when it’s wet.

This next piece I used gray as the background. I really like it better.

Then since I still had my soy wax skillet out, I decided to play with this piece of commercial fabric. I don’t use much commercial fabric except the white-on-white and the black-on-white. This is a white fabric with black typewriter text.

I’m again using the ProChem Print Paste I used in this blog post.  If you are not familiar with soy wax resist, check out this tutorial. I think I’ll make either purses or some zip bags with these fabrics. I’ve not sewn anything since I started my studio reorganization, and I think I’m ready to get back!

In addition to the studio, I’ve taken this organization to other areas of the house. I thought organizing my socks and my panty drawers would be a good use of my time. 🙂  I found these organizational cubes on Amazon, and I am so happy with them. In this drawer I have my socks organized from light walking socks to heavy winter socks. It’s nice to have a place for everything. Every time I open those drawers it makes me happy!

It is amazing what Covid is doing to all of us – being excited about sock drawer organization?? But wait, there is more, but not today. Hope you have a creative weekend. As always, I appreciate you stopping by.

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