ABC’s of Art Part 2

Today I’m continuing that SAQA alphabet challenge.

G is for Gel Plate Printing. I could post several, but I chose this one. As you know I love using botanicals, mostly ferns, with my gel plate printing. Here is a link to my posts on gelatin printing. If you’d like to see how I attached the piece to canvas, check out this post.

Finished project

H is for Hand Stitching. Here are a few of my meditation pieces.

I is for, of course, Ice Dyeing! If you are new to my blog, check out this link for all of my tutorials on ice dyeing. So many pieces, but I’ll choose one of my favorites today.

J is for jeans. I’ve enjoyed playing with jeans.

K is for Keeper. That’s my Juki. Love that sewing machine. Here it was during my mask making phase in late March.

L is for Leaf Printing. Here is a link to tutorials on several leaf printing techniques.

Hope you are staying safe, healthy and having a good week. Hope to see you next time with a couple new pieces that I was inspired to create.