ABC’s of Art Part 1

Last month an organization I belong to, SAQA (Studio Artist Quilt Associates), hosted a challenge on their Facebook page for members to post every day some art with the day’s letter of the alphabet. We ended the month with Z.  I thought it would be fun to do as blog posts.

Unlike many of the other members, I don’t have a lot of finished work to share since I’ve always been about the process and not the finished piece. In fact, I joined the organization hoping it would help me to make some art with all of my fabric.

With the Facebook challenge we only put a picture with a small description. For my blog I’ll be able to post links to tutorials. It’s been fun for me to try to figure out what I was going to use for each letter. On this blog I might cheat and use more than one topic for a letter. We’ll see.

So let’s start with A.  A is for applique (reverse). This tutorial is using four fabric. This was so much fun. Here is the link to that blog post.

But then here is another tutorial from 2017 where I used my ice dyed fabric with reverse applique.

B is for Birds. I could have used this for Q (quotes). This was a wall hanging I made back in 2015 with my indigo pieces. Since my printing is terrible, I made stencils for the quote, and then hand stitched the birds.

C is for Cyan (wet) printing. I have a couple of posts about it written in the last two years. This one here and this one.

D is for Dendritic Printing. Here is my post.

E is for Eco Printing. In 2016 I attended an eco printing retreat with Jacqueline Sullivan. It was a fun weekend. Here is the art journal I made. I wasn’t real excited about the silk scarves I created. I’ve not really been interested in doing it again, although I love the results others have. Here is my post if you’d like to read about that weekend.

F is for Foam Stamp Printing. I have several tutorials on making foam stamps. Here is one where I show this finished infinity scarf.

That’s a start on the art alphabet. I’ll post more later. It’s been fun reading over all these techniques and projects I’ve done over the years.

I’ve again taken on the project of redoing my studio. I’ll tell you more about that later since it’s still in a big mess. The cats were pretty upset at first, but you can see by this photo that they have settled in around my sewing chair.

Hope you are having a good holiday weekend. Stay safe and healthy.