Christmas Tree Cards and More

Since I made those fabric scrap cards, I have really been having fun making other stuff from that process. Today I’ll show you my Christmas tree cards and more.

We are starting with the same process as the fabric scrap greeting cards, except we are making just one large sheet of strips.

Then we zigzag the edges.

Since I wanted to make a Christmas tree, I sketched templates for my tree.

Then I cut out the template. It’s really starting to look like a Christmas tree!

Then it was time to cut these pieces out.

After playing around I decided that I wouldn’t overlap the parts of the tree.

Instead, I’d just zigzag them together.

Next, I chose the background for the tree. I picked a piece of dyed orange fabric and glued a 6.5 x 4.5 inch piece of watercolor paper to the wrong side. I could have used a fusible web, but the glue was right there close by.

Once they were stuck together, I cut the fabric to the size of the card.

Now to iron the tree down to the orange fabric background. Since the tree was built on a two-sided fusible stabilizer, this worked great. If you don’t use a two-sided fusible, you could glue it down or use another fusible to adhere it to the background.

Instead of zigzagging the tree edges, I free motion stitched around the tree a couple times.

Then to add a little bit of wonkiness, I free motion stitched around the outside of the tree.

Then it was back to zigzag the edges of the background fabric.

Now this piece is ready to attach to the card front. I added a fabric star with a couple stitches to the top of the tree.

Of course, you could make something other than a tree with this fabric. I thought I’d also show you a much faster and easier tree. All you do is cut out the triangle for the trees.

Zigzag around the tree edges.

Add them to the base as I did in the first example. However, I didn’t free motion stitch on or around these trees.

I also made some tags.

And bookmarks

It’s been so much fun to make these Christmas tree cards. And what a great way to get rid of some scraps. Now to get these cards in the mail! I’m linking up with Off The Wall Friday. Check out the great inspiration there.