Dyeing and More

I’ve been wanting to make a dye sampler book for years, so I can tell exactly how the colors look when low immersion dyed. Some I’ve know, but the majority I have no idea how they will look dyed without ice. I purchased most of my dyes (fiber reactive dyes) so students of my Icy Delights online class could see how 45 different dyes split in ice dyeing, and hopefully saving them from having to buy dyes they didn’t like.  If I dyed all of these low immersion, then I’d have samples (and lots of fabric) for future projects. I’ll show you how some of them look ice dyed compared to low immersion in future posts.

So I started with my reds. Here are 10 of them.

As I mentioned, I dyed them low immersion. Here is a link to a post where I described my process. For these I used 2 grams of dye to 1/4 cup of water. I’m really looking forward to the next batch.

In other dyeing, I finally dyed these white vintage napkins for my friend Barbara to match her placemats. These are dyed using the vat/tub method in my Wonder Washer. Here is a tutorial on that method if you are interested. This is a great way to dye if you want a sold color.

I also finished my SAQA Collaboration quilt for this month. Here is a sneak peak of a part of it. This is my favorite so far of these quilts.

I received in the mail Saturday these wood block stamps I had purchased from Johanna. She not only gave me a great price, but threw in some extras including silk for me to play with. Oh My! I know what I’ll be doing once I get my sampler dyeing done!!

As for gardening, I’ve been doing a little work out there. With the weather and my back, I’ve not been hitting it as hard as I usually do, but it’s getting done. Last year I put labels next to all of the irises, so while weeding in the iris beds I looked at some of the labels, and the writing was gone! I was so excited when I looked at this one – it still had ink on it, but still not much help!!!

But I have a backup!! I made a paper map of the areas, just in case!

I am so looking forward to them showing their faces again this year. And I’m hoping the new ones bloom too.

The weather has turned a bit cool, so I’ve stayed in the last couple of days. It was good though. The Indiana Genealogy Society had their annual conference, and this year it was not only free, but online. I was pretty much deep in the genealogy stuff on Friday and Saturday. Now to get back to dyeing and gardening. Hope you have a creative week. Thanks for dropping by.

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