Firsts and More Colors

I’ve continued on with my low immersion dyeing of my dyes. What has been really challenging is to photograph the browns. They’ve been dyed for a week, but still not able to get a good picture. But that will come.

Anyway,  here are two sets of my blues. I am so partial to blues! Do you have a favorite? I love them all, but the Caribbean Blue has stolen my heart right now!


And some greens. I had only ice dyed Celadon which I didn’t like at all. I love it dyed this way.

And the grays. If you are not familiar with fiber reactive dyes, there are primary and there are the dyes that are made with those primaries. When you look at the first three grays, they don’t look solid gray. Since I’m using little water to dye, the dye colors separate out a bit. In ice dyeing they are more pronounced. When these top three are vat dyed, or what we think of as regular dyeing, they will turn out shades of gray. The gray below is a primary, so it will not split into colors since there are no other colors in it.

As for firsts, here is our first asparagus of the season. Won’t be long now!

Usually I have the bed done before the asparagus start popping up. This year I got the rows all weeded and covered with shredded paper, but haven’t covered the walkways or edges in cardboard and straw yet. But that’s okay. You can see the weeds in the walkways with still some straw left from last year.

Another first is the beginning of the iris parade. This is Powder Blue Giant, an iris cristata. A really funny name since this is a tiny iris.

I also bought a book for my genealogy research that arrived this past week. It’s really more of a reference book, but from what I’ve already read, it is really interesting.

Everything is starting to bloom, and my dyeing of all those dyes is almost over. Hope to see you next time.