Dyeing Embellishments and more

To switch gears a bit, I wanted to show you some extras I dyed while dyeing those fat quarters.

My friend Dawn suggested while I’m doing all this dyeing, why not throw in some cheesecloth. What a great idea! Can’t believe I didn’t think of that! I decided to not only dye cheesecloth, but to also dye some lace and silk. I have purchased lace over the years specifically to dye. I thought it was all cotton, but I was wrong. Some of it didn’t dye at all! Guess I’ll have to just paint it or use as white.

Since my main goal was to get the dyes on fat quarters, I didn’t dye embellishments for all of the colors but here a few. This picture included cheesecloth dyed in Caribbean Blue, Strong Orange, Indigo and Raspberry.

This is my Turquoise set. For this color I dyed not only the cheesecloth and a couple laces, I also dyed some silk. The lace on the top barely took dye. I love how the lace on the right turned out.

This is my mustard set. This lace was really interesting. It dyed just some of the flowers. I’ll definitely have to dye some of it turquoise.

This gray set I absolutely love!

Then a couple orchid embellishments.

Now I want to dye more to go with the other pieces.

Here are some more of the fat quarters. Ally thought I had set out these for her to sit on! I was ready to take a picture, and there she was. From top to bottom: Iced Berry, Eggplant, Orchid and Raspberry.

And  a few more blues. Mermaid’s Dream is one of my favorite ice dyed. It really turns out green and does Kingfisher Blue when low immersion dyed. I’m almost finished showing you the 61 dyes. Just one more post! If you missed the others, see the previous two posts.

I’m really looking forward to Spring. The last two nights we had freeze warnings. We covered the budding irises because there will be no iris parade (on my blog) without irises. We used Agribon row cover material, which is made for covering plants.  We used PVC hoops bent into a semi-circle to support the Agribon.

I’m off to remove the Agribon. Supposedly, the cold snap was strawberry winter. Hopefully, that’s our last “winter.” Have a great weekend. Oh, speaking of weekend, I’m taking an online class Saturday where I’m hoping I’ll be able to use some of those turquoise embellishments. As always, thanks for dropping by. Check out some inspiration on Off The Wall Friday.