The last of the colors

OMG! It’s been so much fun to get back into dyeing. I dyed 61 colors. So here they are!

Here are some of the previous colors not posted.

And last but not least, blacks.

Now to decide what to do with all of these colors. First of all, I will cut small pieces from each to make a swatch book. Dave has already picked out three colors for his next shirts, so I’ll be dyeing them soon. Seeing them all together makes me think about a strip quilt piece. And now when the irises bloom I shouldn’t need to dye any for their colorways. It will be nice to have a good selection of colors in my stash.

And here’s some color from the garden. After the freeze the azaleas looked even prettier!

Have a good week. Thanks for dropping by. I’m linking up with Off The Wall Friday.