Around Here – October 29

Can you believe October is almost gone? This month has been really busy.¬† I know I’ve gotten a lot done, but then again not!

I finally got around to making curtains for the kitchen window. We really don’t need a curtain on this window until now when the sun is lower and it comes in the window. I took a couple kitchen towels I had purchased for dyeing, dyed them green after adding a sleeve, and attached one of my appliques. I don’t know if we’ll keep them up all year, but they sure block the sun this time of the year.

I made a couple cards from some of my watercolors I had printed on fabric quite awhile ago. I have more fabric to do this, but other projects pushed them aside.

I also picked some leaves and preserved them for use later. If you’d like to know how to preserve leaves, ferns and other botanicals, check out this tutorial.

I am going to take some of my art to the local arts council for their Christmas sale. I have a few things already, but I thought I’d use up some of my rope and make more bowls. Here are a couple cords I dyed. Now to get to work!

Now with the cooler weather, I have started to drink more tea. Here is a new one I found and really like it. You can purchase it, and others on their website.

I was planning to finish mulching the shade garden, but unless I all of a sudden get a lot of energy I’ll just leave it to the Spring. A month or so ago in the Sun Garden I planted this Puff Vanilla Echinacea. I was surprised she bloomed for me already. Can’t wait to see her next Spring.

I continue working on my genealogy. I heard about this book, and just had to buy it. I wish I would have had it when I was knee deep in German church records several months ago. It’s not just a regular German to English dictionary, it also includes genealogy terms and symbols, the alphabet with script variations, surnames and occupations, suffixes and more. In just the couple weeks I have had it, it sure has helped me.

Well, that’s all for now. Have a great weekend. I’ll have a new tutorial to post next week. Hope you will come back and check it out.