Preparing for Holiday Fair

The Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana is holding a Holiday Fair starting next week, and they asked if I’d like to participate. I’ve never done this, so I thought it would be a good way to get my art out, and a way to use up some of my supplies.

I had a lot of rope from previous bowl and coaster making so I started with that and had several dyeing sessions. Now it was time to start sewing them.

Here are the ones that will be in the show. I also including some of my coasters.

I forgot I had these blank tissue holders so I dyed some up for the sale. Talking about silk, I also included some of my scarves. I also included a couple zip bags that haven’t sold in my Etsy shop.

When I brought in my goodies, she said if I had anything else to bring it in whenever, even during the time the sale was open. I spotted some cards that another artist had brought in, and decided I’d make some for the show. These are made from my Snippet Roll. If you missed it, here is my tutorial on how to make one of these rolls.

My friend Barbara and I spent yesterday afternoon checking out the two shows I had entered last month. These are both part of the Ohio Valley Art League’s Exhibitions and are located in Henderson, Kentucky.

This is the Squared exhibit at Citi-Center in Henderson. Everything had to be square. My favorite of this show was the one that won Best of Show!

The second show, Recycled, was at Preston Art Center.¬† I often wonder how they choose winners. I really like Ryan’s small work, but I didn’t appreciate this one which he won the top prize. My favorite of the show was Sparkling Strains, the guitar covered with all kinds of old jewelry. Loved it!

It’s always good to see what others are doing. It gives me some food for thought, and some inspiration. Have a great weekend.