A New Challenge – Recycling Jewelry

I have so much jewelry, much of which I bought at thrift stores. The majority of these finds I really never intended to wear it, but add it in my art. However, they were put aside, until this past September when I dug through my stash, and made my Goddess piece I showed you on this post.

Here are some of the pieces I have to work with. This are waiting to make it into my creations.

I decided to take a couple of the necklaces apart.

I specifically bought this used necklace for the silver pieces. However, there are a lot of other pieces left to play with. If I’m going to add these to cards I will probably have to take off the top bead (as I did in the very bottom piece) and maybe the other bead since it sticks out. I’ll just have to play around with it. But I love these pieces.

So here are a few of the cards I made using recycled jewelry.

This is a newer one that I worked on this morning and in my hurry to get it done, I didn’t add the jewelry before I attached it to the card. I need to remove it from the card, sew on the earring, and put on another card. It will just need a few stitches to hold it down. But you get the idea.

When using it on art pieces, I don’t have to worry about the thickness. Here are the two goddess pieces I made.

And the second one with the matching earring.

So many pieces of jewelry – so little time!! I’m off on another tangent so not sure when I’ll get back to these, but I will return.

For those of us who celebrate Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving. And for the rest of you, I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. Now back to the sewing machines!