Playing with Tulle

I’ve never really played with tulle until the last couple of months. I’ve found that it can cover up mistakes, dull down colors, pull the piece together, and last, but not least, add bling. Unfortunately, photos just don’t do the bling justice!

I bought these three colors to add stars to my cards. It was hard to limit my selection to these three.

To give you an idea of the difference, here is one of the cards in process. This is before it’s been trimmed down and zigzagged the edges. See my tutorial on making the scrap greeting cards here.

Now I covered it with the tulle. To add to the card I sew around the whole piece and then zigzag over some of the previous stitches. Once complete, I attach it to the cardstock, cut to size, and zigzag the edges. I probably didn’t need to zigzag the pieces that I end up over zigzagging, but I had already sewed them.

And the finished card.

Here are the new cards I’ve completed with the tulle.

I may not use tulle all of the time, but I sure do like the look and see more of it in my future. If you are unhappy with a card, add some tulle! Have a great weekend.