Calling my muse

Well, it’s been pretty quiet around here. My muse might have missed the flight back home from Hawaii in January. She sure hasn’t been in my studio. So I thought maybe I could call her back if I started going through my fabric.

I spent a day going through most of my fabric pieces, and organizing them AGAIN! This time I pulled out some pieces that spoke to me. These are all pieces I’ve printed over the years. I just pinned them to my design board until I got the rest of my fabric put away.

Then I wanted to see if I put some fabrics together if she’d return. The following are colors I usually don’t work with. Maybe that’s what she wants me to do.

I was drawn to the orange and purple, but I also love this collard greens leaf print and searched through my stash for what would go with it.

Love that set, but I’m really drawn to the orange and purple. Now to leave that first group of fabric on the wall, and see what she wants me to do with it.

Meanwhile, Spring is coming. The Lenten Roses are always the first to show, and they are just beginning to bud. Won’t be long and they’ll be open. I am getting so excited about getting out there, and cleaning up the garden.

I’ve continued to read every day. I ended last month reading these three. I recommend Kindred, a historical, science fiction book. I chose Raven Black because I’ve never read anything by Ann Cleeves, and I like the Vera series which is based on her books. But I was disappointed. As for mysteries, I compare all of them to Harlan Coben’s books which are hard to beat.

I am continuing to read these two, but they are slow going and pretty heavy. Four Hundred Souls is a little easier because each chapter is a different writer. I’m half way through it, and hope to finish it by April.

I’ve been focusing on African American authors, and have several more I’ve purchased from Thriftbooks. I’ve decided that since I am reading so many books that I will only read once, I visited the local library where I’ve not taken out any books in years. I’ve found that their due dates help push me to finish them. The Vanishing Half was my first library book in years. Another one is waiting in the wings, and two more are on hold!!

I always read several books on vacation, but usually when we get home I don’t take the time. I’ve decided I’d dedicate at least 30 minutes in the morning to reading. I’m rediscovering how much I love to read. As a child, during the summer when it was too hot to play outside, I’d sit in the room with the air conditioner and read through the arm full of books I had checked out from the local library. I’m so glad to bring that joy back.

Meanwhile, my heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to the people of Ukraine. Now I want to read more about that country and their incredible people.

I’d love to hear how you call back your muse. Thanks for dropping by.