Wonderfil Variegated Splendor Thread Grab Bag

I usually don’t fall for this type of promotion, but recently Wonderfil had a promotion of grab bags of 10 spools of thread for a great price. I don’t have many variegated thread in my stash so I though I’d grab one of these bags.

What’s interesting about variegated thread is you never know how it’s going to look on your project without testing. So I went about doing that. I started with sewing on white fabric, using a zigzag, a straight stitch, and one of my favorite decorative stitches on my old Elna.

It was interesting to see how light some of these were. I thought the blue would be real dark, but there is so much white in it that it wouldn’t work to use it to top stitch.

Dawn suggested I should do a sample on black to show how the stitches show up even better. Great idea! Wish I would have thought of that!

Much better. If you look at the blue, for instance, can see better the white part of it.

Then since I thought I’d probably be using these threads for flowers or leaves where I’d want shading, I made a sample with little shapes to help me decide what to use. That seem to give me a much better idea of how they would stitch out.

I’m not sure what I’ll be using them for, but I have some ideas! Getting this grab bag was a great way to try some new thread at a great price. They are always having promotions, so if you are interested, check out their site.

It’s beginning to look like spring around here. I love seeing our Lenten Roses open.

Our Magnolia trees are now blooming too, and smelling so sweet.

I just started hiking with a couple friends. It’s been so much fun to get out in the trees.

I even bought these cool walking poles. I used them yesterday for the first time, and they are so helpful. Looking forward to our hike next week.

I am working on a small art project, but I’ve not had a lot of energy for it. But it needs to be finished by the end of the month, so I need to get going! I hope to share that with you next time.

Until then, take some time to do something for yourself.