Spring 2022

It’s finally spring here. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been spending time outside working on the beds.

It’s amazing how much things have changed in a week. Here is an area in the shade garden that I weeded and mulched.

Here is that same area today, just a week later.

The iris parade is starting. Here is the first one – Riveting. This is a small bearded iris.

This one is tiny. It’s Iris Cristata Powder Blue Giant. The pedals are about an inch and a half long.

And here are more budding up. This is always an exciting time for me as I watch who is showing up. Hopefully, I’ll see more than last year!

We’ve had a lot of those “winters.” I remember as a child I would be so excited for Spring to come, and then it would turn cold again. Mom would say it was one of the many winters before our temperatures stayed warm. I thought she was just making it up! This last spell I thought for sure was blackberry, but they aren’t blooming yet.

However, the blueberries are blooming, and it looks like we are going to have a great crop this year.

Last year we decided to let our asparagus patch go. Production has been slowing down, and it’s been hard for me to get out there and really keep it in shape like I want it to look. We took down the fence, and just didn’t weed it so we’ll still have asparagus. Here is how it looks now. Those white areas are the walkways.

And a few from the first harvest.

The azaleas are blooming, but not quite their full colors yet.

Unrelated to gardening, I started a water aerobics class back in February, and have really enjoyed it. I also have started meeting with a couple friends to hike at a local park.

I ended up buying some hiking poles that I really like.

My art has been put on the back burner. Or really, it’s just on vacation. More about this later. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying getting outside, and being with others – something I’ve missed these past two years. Hope you are enjoying your week, whatever weather you are having.