Printing with Wool Wood

When I received my new irises in July they were packaged with Natural Wood Excelsior, or what is also called wool wood. I took it out of the box and put it on my dye table. I knew I had to try printing with it sometime in the future. Well, the future was last week.

Check out this video for my process.

Here is some of the wool wood.

I decided to print this piece of ice dyed fabric.

I had to choose which paint I wanted to print with. Here are three I looked at.

I didn’t like any of them even though they were all in this piece. So I chose rust.

Now to pounce paint onto the wool wood.

And print.

I decided that was a bit too dark, so I added white paint.

Here it is finished before it’s cleaned up and ironed.

Here it is a closeup of the finished piece that was heatset, washed, and ironed.

And a couple other pieces. This was a beautiful dyed piece. I added turquoise and then white paint.

This is the piece I printed on my video.

It’s funny what lovely marks this wood wool makes. I was really surprised. I’m so glad my muse is back. There will be a new video next week. Hope you will drop by again.