Playing with Transparent Extender

Today I’m talking about transparent extender for textile paints. I’m using it in this project to paint the background of the fabric.

In addition to the transparent extender, I’ll be using these Joggle stencils: Triangles and Bubble Blast.

Here is my You Tube tutorial:


And the finished piece from the video.

And a closeup.

Another couple pieces. The first one I used used the transparent extender to make a light blue background. For the second one I made a light orange background.

This last one was actually the first one I painted but decided not to stencil. I really love this one!

Thanks again to Angie Knowles. She inspired me with all of her videos on her You Tube Channel. She has a video about how to mix the extender.

I guess you noticed a theme here – turquoise and orange – colors from our Sedona trip. These and other pieces will be used in a piece I’ll be working on soon.

Regarding the transparent extender, I bought it a couple months ago with some other paints. Then I looked through my old paints and there was another jar I had never touched. I had no idea how to use it!!  Now I do! What do you think? Have you ever used the transparent extender?