On The Floor

I  have a really bad habit of floor filing. I’ve done this in almost every office job I had. It seems like if I put the papers and books on a shelf, I’d forget all about them. So I still floor file. Here is what is on my floor today.

In addition to my 30-minute read in the morning, I’m doing a bit of writing. I have this burning desire to write about my ancestors, but to also write some personal essays. So to help me with these goals, I’ve been reading a bit about writing.  I’ve always loved to write on yellow legal pads. They give me so much space to write.

But I also have been reading fiction. This was the last book I finished that is all about women’s friendships and social media. In the book a lot of the social media posts are about how wonderful life is, when in reality their worlds are falling apart. It brought back a memory for me. Years ago, my boyfriend and I drove to New Harmony, Indiana to walk the labyrinth and enjoy the beautiful fall day. We argued all the way there, but when we took the pictures, we were all smiles. I remember even back then about how deceiving pictures can be. Anyway, it was a good read.

With the leaves falling, I love seeing all of them on the ground. Here are a couple shots from my hike yesterday at Audubon Park in Henderson Ky. It’s just a 20-minute drive from my house.

But I also wanted to show you what’s up higher – on my design wall. I grabbed some older fabrics I’ve printed and dyed to add with the ones I just finished. I’ll be moving them around for sure, but wanted to get them up to see how they would play together. Looking forward to cutting and sewing these puppies.

Today is voting day in the US. I’ll be glad when it’s over. I’m tired of all of the emails and television ads. If you are in the US I sure hope you voted. I have always voted, and I feel it’s so important for our democracy.

I saw this today, and thought it was appropriate.

I’ll be back with a new tutorial, and hopefully some progress on that design wall project.