Auditioning fabric pieces

Today I’m auditioning fabric pieces to make into a small art quilt for SAQA, the art organization I belong to. In December, I reorganized my studio again. In addition to separating fabric by color, I also made several boxes of pieces of fabric that might work alone.

The SAQA Auction Quilt needs to be 6 x 8 inches, but they will all be matted so that only 4.5 x 6.5 inches will be seen. What’s great about this project is the edges of the small quilt can be just zigzagged because they will be covered by their framing. I went to those “scrap” boxes to find a piece that might work, preventing me from starting from scratch. It’s also a great way to move some of my stash.

I chose these pieces.

The circles are from my art making spinner art with a turntable. See the post here. I’ve used one of these in another art quilt, but they seem challenging to use. However, they will work for this project but not using the whole piece.

SAQA furnished a template to put over the quilt so we could see how the piece would look framed. So I started auditioning, starting with the spinner art.




A printed piece I had stitched previously. I had made a card using part of it.

This is a piece of sun printed fabric.


So now comes the decision, which one should I create? Which one would you work on? Which one do you think will make a better art quilt?

Dave took this picture of my socks when we were flying back from Hawaii. He told me when I wear those socks, the cats are always staring at him. I didn’t realize that since I couldn’t see the eyes!! Now I do!

So which one of those pieces do you like? Would love to have your feedback. Thanks. Have a great week!